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Chi Mei 173HGE Intel Color Profile for IGP and Hybrid Graphics laptops, X751LX

Level 7
I got a new Asus X751LX series notebook recently, and I decided that I needed to fix the color, because some things were too bright to depict and some too dark.
I also felt the color was washed out and off key, and just... got tired of it.
I went to the intel control panel and set up the color settings with this website as a reference point.
I changed up the white balance to a more natural looking white using different gamma values, then used the same brightness/contrast values for all colors.
Here was my result.


EDIT: For more proper blacks and lower color curve use brightness 15 on green.

EDIT: For more proper blacks and lower color curve use brightness 16 on blue.
Gamma Curve:

These settings might translate to the nvidia control panel for those with non-optimus laptops, but I don't have the equipment to make sure of that.
I'm not a professional photographer of any kind or anything like that, and I'm not using any equipment outside of the monitor and my eyes.
Changes are driver level and therefore system wide.
If you find my settings to be unpleasent to the eye or against your preference in general, don't use them.
If you still want to see if you can improve the image quality, I did link the website I used.
EDIT:ed in a little tweak to fix a little off-blackness I noticed. also seems to have fixed the brightness jump early in the black shades.