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2021 Asus Tuf Dash F15 (FX516PM) - RAM Upgrade

Level 7
Hi guys,

I didn't find anything useful searching and I'm not sure if CPU-Z can tell anything useful about this.

I'm about to order a 16GB stick to get 32GB total.

My FX516PM comes out originally with 16GB.

The question is: is the out of the factory 16GB served as soldered single channel, meaning once I open the laptop I will be finding a free SODIMM slot OR 8GB is soldered and 8GB is right there in the slot?

I heard somebody had the laptop shipped with 8GB soldered + 8GB in the slot.

In the case I won't be able to do 16GB soldered + 16GB SODIMM, what would be the cons?

Thanks for your support

Level 7
Mine was 8 onboard and 8 on a sodimm. FX516PM-211.TF15.11 is my exact model name. I replaced the 8gb sodimm with something larger. I went with 32GB even though not officially supported, as I had one laying around from prior laptop, and it worked. so I have a weird sized 40GB of ram available. I haven't verified , this might be making the ram run in single channel mode, with a possible small performance hit for doing so (for not having same size ram for onboard + Sodimm). If someone who reads this can confirm, or showing a way to verify, would ge great.

Hi, which ram are you using? 

Does it still work good? I have the same model and I want upgrade my ram too.