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GSYNC always on

Hey, for the last couple days GSYNC mode has been stuck on 100% of the time when the refresh rate is 120 or 144hz. This includes when I'm on the desktop. Which I didn't even think was possible? Anyone have any ideas? I've disabled/re-enabled GSYN...

ASUS TUF VG27BQ monitor flashing white on startup

I've had this problem for the past few weeks, where my ASUS TUF VG27BQ monitor on startup, after putting my PC to sleep, goes dark and flashes white for a split second at constant intervals of about 5 seconds and then after 10-15 minutes of doing so ...

DatWGuy by Level 7
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TUF Gaming VG249Q1A OSD options not available

The OSD options on my monitor are not available. There are a number of posts that suggest this is something to do with HDR in Windows 11... However my PC isn't even HDR capable, and the setting is as off as I can make it!  any other suggestions to ge...

Asus Tuf gaming VG27AQ options are grey

Hallo dear Asus gamers,First of all I want say the English language is the 3rd language I speak and it is not my strong weapon to explain well so excuse me for my weak language. I have bought this good monitor and as many of you I would like to conn...

87974 87975

Asus Tuff mb X970 Plus Armoury Crate

Asus Tuff mother board X970 Plus Armoury Crate saying some features are not running but gives no error code Just the message, So I am guessing either anti-virus is blocking some components or the Apps throwing false flags or corruption. I don't see a...

Conectando tuf gaming vg24vq1b a rog ally

Buenos días, alguien sabría decirme por qué no me reconoce el HDMI cuando conecto la Rog ally al monitor tuf gaming vg24vq1b? He probado a conectar la consola a la tele y sin problemas pero a la hora de conectar con el monitor, la consola se pone en ...

razore by Level 7
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Barrel plug connector size for PG279Q monitor power?

I got a PG279Q for free from my upstairs neighbor who's moving out. He had a lot of stuff he was about to throw out so I grabbed this monitor. I didn't see that it needs an external power supply until I brought it back into my place and he was alread...

r1ubra by Level 7
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