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Best settings for Asus VG28UQL1A with ps5

There are a lot of settings on here that I'm not sure if any do anything other than change picture color and quality. I'm trying to get the best response time and lowest lag possible. Their is a console mode that I have no clue about. The sync that I...

Jmjk3 by Level 7
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vg28uql1a Best reccomended settings

Hello. I am using this monitor only for PS5 and playing only COD. Can somebody give best recommended settings?most important is performance, to have lowest input lag etc.its better with Elmb sync or not? Il be really thankful, because its not much in...

Jamolt by Level 7
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Asus VG249Q monitor issue

Hi all. I bought a new monitor. The monitor is great. I just have one issue I don't know how to solve. When I turn off the monitor and then turn it back on (there's sound as new device being connected to the computer), shortcuts on my desktop get mov...

yoco007 by Level 7
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ASUS VG32AQL1A 31.5" auto input

This has been brought up before, but I would appreciate some help finding answers or comments.Okay so I love this monitor, but it's auto-input ruins it. Are there any ways around it? Software update? I am going to return it; this bothers me so much. ...

Asus vg248 only enables 1920x1080 resolution

Hey fellas,I just bought a new monitor for gaming, ASUS VG248 but while gaming (cs go, rocket league etc) it only enables 1920x1080 and nothing lower than that except 1280x800, for cs go I played on 1600x900 for years and I really need to go back to ...

XG49V - GameVisual modes greyed out on desktop

I just got my new ASUS ROG STRIX XG49VQ 49" monitor, and the menu controls (and the ASUS DisplayWidget) have the "Game Visual" menu option greyed out on the Windows Desktop. However, when I load into a game, I am able to change my settings. I was a...

Kaelon by Level 7
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