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Zephyrus GA503QS-HQ004T GPU fan never turns on

Level 7

I received my Zephyrus GA503QS-HQ004T yesterday and since then I noticed that the GPU fan never turns on.

First thing that I checked was if the blades were blocked. They are not. I used a small zip-tie to move the fan blades through the grills. There is no resistance.

Then I tried a few more things:

I installed all the Windows updates.
I installed the 405 BIOS.
I installed the latest Armoury Crate and all the updates that it recommended.
I installed the latest NVIDIA drivers.

I disabled the iGPU in Armory Crate.

I plugged in the charger.

I tried to run two games (DOOM 2016 and Witcher 3) and Fur Mark.

The games were running on ULTRA and I was getting between 80-100 FPS on average. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

The GPU fan never turned on however.

Armoury Crate reports 0 RPM, even if I manually set the fan speed to 100%. The fact that the GPU was running at 95% did not change this behavior.

Another weird thing is that the BIOS only shows the CPU fan.

I also tried the following:
- reinstall Armoury Crate
- remove Armoury Crate and install MSI afterburner (the FAN slider is greyed out in MSI afterburner)

Can someone verify if they are getting the same behavior?

Before I take it back to the store where it came from, I want to make sure that it is an actual hardware fault.

Level 7
One more thing that I tried is to do a FAN test in MyASUS. The fan on the left ended up spinning up until it was quite loud but nothing on the right side.

If myASUS fan test wasn't able to spin up the fan (which it should like it did for the cpu fan) and the same thing applies on manual mode in armoury crate then its obviously a hardware fault with the fan (and based on what you have described it looks like the fan isn't even connected?). To confirm that even further, check your GPU/CPU temps they probably are reaching the throttling threshold and both fans are supposed to reach their maximum speed when that happens.