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Zephyrus G15 GA503QR - Sleep Mode NOT WORKING

Level 8
My notebook won't go to sleep mode. Only display is turning off but everything is running - fan and ssd.

I suspect its something related with ASUS firmware. I read that somebody have the same problem but if turn to "Windows mode" in Armoury Crate then the laptop is properly going to sleep mode.
But I tried everything even when I fully reinstall Windows and tried sleep mode on the clear system its the same.
How to find what is the reason now ?

Level 7

I had bought the ASUS g15 of 2021, I had the same problem. I switched to the 2022, still the same problem. I have always had asus products but now I will stop with this brand.

Level 7

This is probably a Windows/Microsoft issue as it happens across most (all) partners.  Likely something to do with the change from S3 sleep to S0.