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ROG GU501GM Sound Issues (Screeching/Stuttering)

Level 7
I recently just brought a GU501GM from Best Buy this past Monday, and after the first day, it seemed to have manifested some sound problems.

Randomly, every now and then, out of nowhere, the sound of whatever I was playing would make a horrible loud screeching/"stuttering" sound for a few seconds, then it would stop--likely a crash.

It does recover and I don't need to reset my laptop to "fix" the issue, so to speak, but this issue tends to happen a lot, especially in voice chats in Discord, where, on one occasion, I had this happen to me back to back in the span of a minute (audio screech>drop out of voice chat>come back in VC>another screech less than a minute later), and right when someone called me on another.

I don't think Discord is the main culprit, as I have had it happen to me while watching YouTube videos and the like, so it's likely something to do with the sound driver, if I had to guess.

If anyone could help or have any suggestions, it would be a great help. I really like this laptop a lot, both appearance and performance-wise, but after returning two other laptops and spending over $1K on this I'm kinda feeling exhausted and a bit disheartening, if I'm being honest.