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Strix SCAR II GL504GM GPU Performance

Level 7
Hey everyone,

So I have a Strix SCAR II GL504M, with an i7 8750H, 32 GB RAM (upgraded from 16 because it was single channel) and a GTX 1060. I was wondering if there are any tweaks I can do to get the most out of my GTX 1060. I think I've done the basics, went to NVIDIA Control Panel and changed some settings there, for example changed the Power management mode to maximum performance and Texture Filtering quality to high performance. I also did some undervolting, but i'm not sure if I've done it correctly, I will attach a picture with my current voltage curve. I've also tried overclocking it a bit, 60-100 mhz to the core and it seemed like it can handle it, however the temperatures were pretty high in my opinion ranging from 82 to 85 degrees. I've also ordered an opolar vacuum cooler which might help with the temperatue issue, but I still don't want the temperature to be over 80ish because I think its bad for the laptop to run that hot. I'd like to hear what do you guys think and what more can I do to squeeze more performance out of my GPU. I would also like some advice regarding my voltage curve because I have no idea if I set it up correctly. Thanks a lot