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GL704GW UEFI CSM Option and Installing Win10 Pro

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Hi all

We bought a ROG Strix SCAR II - GL704GW-EV001T and run into trouble to change the CSM Parameters, for making an OEM W10 pro installation.
As you can see in the pictures, we disabled Secure Boot and looking for the option in the Boot Tab
But there is no possibilty, there is no CSM (Compability Support Module) option to do that.

We try Version 302 (21.01.2019) and 303 (27.02.2019) from

How can we make that change?

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for all the screenshots!

If you're booting to a UEFI supported drive like the Win10 Pro installation, it's not necessary to enable 'launch CSM' (which you would use for non-UEFI supported installation media like Windows 7), so just tap the 'ESC' key after powering up to select your media in the boot menu.
If you plug in your boot media first before entering the bios, you can also change the boot order in the bios if you prefer.


  • If it sounds any better, consider upgrading your existing Win10 Home if available rather than trying a new installation.
  • New installations can be tricky when it comes to reinstalling all the original ASUS software, so as mentioned at the post below, you may want to back up your eSupport folder (which normally contains the eDriver folder) under the C: drive if available, or maybe back up the entire hard drive image if you don't want to take any chances.

Hi cl-Albert

Thanks for you reply.

OK, so if we do UEFI, how can we prevent that the system still use the embedded W10 Home Key.
The installation starts normal, but we should have after selection of installation-language the setting for enter an product key and/or if you skip the selection of Windows Edition.

We always go directly to formating the disc and after we have a W10 Home again.

Picture 1 - W10_normal
Picture 2 - W10_ASUS

Maybe we just don't see the option, where we can disable the embedded key.

Thanks again for any suggestions.

Best regards,

edit: same boot dvd, W10 pro oem used

Hi Inter83,

Unfortunately, not sure what will be the best way to resolve this since it's not a common issue that I normally run across and am not as familiar with it.

If you don't mind upgrading to Win10 Pro from the Win10 Home installation, guessing that would work if you just run the setup again from inside Win10 Home, but I could be wrong.
Microsoft's website below has information about upgrading from Win10 Home to Win10 Pro as well with a Win10 Pro product key .

Otherwise, not sure what options are available for installation media these days, but remember a time when you could download Win10 Pro to install Win10 Pro regardless of the embedded Win10 Home key, so wondering if you can still do this, and if your installation media may contain both Win10 Home as well as Win10 Pro .
If you can download the Win10 Pro installation media that doesn't include or install Win10 Home, then guessing this could also be a solution.

Anyway, hopefully others can provide better suggestions if mine are not helpful or correct.

Hi cl-Albert

Thanks again for you investigation.

If we run the setup in Windows, it's the same. After a reboot it switch back to W10-Home
And unfortunately for upgrade the system to W10 pro you cannot use OEM key.
Upgrading with Store is not possible, because the License is in that case bound to an Microsoft Account.

So, we made some excurse in UEFI, bootoptions, Microsoft, and reading lots of forumposts... 😕

The solution (if some others have that problem):
You need:
- USB-Flashdrive
- W10pro DVD or .iso
- Rufus

You will erase the existing installation - secure the folders like cl-Albert wrote before!

1.) Extract W10 Installation Media into a folder or Copy all from Install-Media in that Folder.
2.) Add a File in /sources called ei.cfg
Edit File with Editor:
(=> here we fix Editon to PRO)
3.) add a File in /sources called PID.txt
Edit File with Editor:
(=> THIS WILL BE THE OEM SERIAL OF W10PRO and override embedded W10Home)
4.) get software Rufus
Install or use portable
5.) Put in a usb-flashdrive
Run Rufus
Drive: pick the usb-flashdrive
Klick on advanced settings
Start: UEFI:NTFS (you must use first advanced settings, then you can pick this )
Format: Give the usb-flashdrive a name
6.) Copy after it finished ALL files from the first created folder of W10 Install Media on the usb-flashdrive
7.) Override autorun.inf if asked
8.) Boot ASUS with hold F2 to BIOS
9.) disable secure boot and fast boot - see pictures at startpost
10.) select usb-flashdrive for boot
11.) do the installation
12.) enable secureboot and fast boot again

With this setting you can override UEFI embedded key.
Here some good links, for explaination.
important; you cannot use Fat32, because two files are too big for that... and Win7 Boot Tool isn not recognised in ASUS Boot.

Best regards