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GL702VML - Touchpad occasional failures.

Level 7
I've had this issue since I bought the Laptop, I thought it would eventually get fixed by drivers but almost 2 years have passed and I still have this issue.
When I'm using the trackpad, maybe once every hour, it gets unresponsive for around 15 second everytime I start to move, like I move the finger but the cursor is blocked but after a while it moves normally. This happens for a while everytime I start a movement. If I use the external mouse to move the cursor it works normally, it's just a touchpad issue.

I know this sounds very weird, I even formated the computer once but the issue still happens so I came here to see if anyone experienced the same thing and how to fix it.


Level 7

Did you find a solution for this in the meantime? I have similar problems with my brand new ROG Strix III laptop and didn't find any fix for that..