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G533QS Touchpad unresponsive for a few seconds after being idle

Level 7

I've got an Asus laptop (G533QS) with windows 11 and I'm experiencing this annoying thing, which seems to be on purpose, when the touchpad stops responding for a few seconds after it's been left idle for about 5 seconds. The lag for it to respond varies from 1s to 3s. It happens when trying to scroll and also when trying to click-select a text on screen. I select the text, and about 1-2 seconds later, it finally highlights it.

When using an external mouse the issue is not present.

- I have tried rolling back to older versions and reinstalling the latest drivers from the asus support website.
- I currently have the latest BIOS (329)
- I have also fiddled with touchpad settings inside windows, I can't seem to prevent this "sleep" state. I currently have the "touchpad sensitivity" set to "most sensitive".
- I have also disabled the "pinch zoom" functionality of the touchpad.

Please advise on what I should do as this is incredibly frustrating when working.

Thank you