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g17 g17rw driver issue help

Level 7
hi, I would have a problem with my laptop while playing it has already happened to me 2 times that the pc crashes with a black screen, I turn off the pc from the button because I have no other way to restart it being blocked and when it comes back on amd adrenaline tells me that it is not compatible with my integrated video card (I have a r9 6900HX), nvidia experience makes me re-install the drivers as if they were never installed and I have a 3070ti and finally starting my asus and doing a scan to fix the driver problem it makes me open windows update and it makes me re-download the 22h2 update that I had already downloaded and installed once again, how is it possible that such a thing happens?

( the only one fix i've found is re-install 22h2 version/ re-install nvidia drivers / re-download amd adrenaline and then everything comesback to work right .. )