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G15 AE Intermittent black screen issues

Level 7

So I have a ROG Strix G15 AE with the 6800M GPU and 300hz screen. As of the last few days sometimes when I boot it up from hibernation (not sleep) it boots to a black screen (no logo, no nothing). Weirdly I can get the screen to come back on when I tilt the lid forward a little, but then it'll shut off (and display weird artifacts sometimes) if I tilt it back again.

The especially weird thing is that when I unplug the charger this problem seems to go away, it boots like normal and the display remains on no matter where I tilt the lid.

After another reboot or two the problem goes away entirely and the computer functions as normal. The problem has only occurred when starting cold from hibernation.

Wondering what could be going on here? Is it software related? Do I need to roll back my BIOS or something? I haven't updated anything recently to my knowledge, but I'm going to try an overdue Windows update tonight. I'm on Windows 10 64bit.