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External monitor restricting resolutions/refresh on G733QR laptop - solved

Level 7
Connecting the laptop to an Acer 27" 1440p 144hz display with hdmi. Goal is to run 1080p 300hz on the laptop and 1440p 144hz on the external. Windows 10 gives 2 choices:
1. laptop 1080p 60hz, external 1440p 144hz
2. laptop 1080p 300hz, external 1080p 24hz

Is this a limitation of the 3070 in the laptop? Or could I get the full resolution and refresh from both displays with a USB-C to displayport cable?

Level 7
Update: was resolved by switching from HDMI to USB-C to displayport connection. Laptop now gives 300hz and external 144hz at full resolutions as desired.