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Display issue on Gl752V!!Help!

Level 7
So I disassembled my laptop to clean everything out an once I had everything back together there was still power, fans, lights, ect turned on except for the display. I tried to unplug an plug everything back in an it worked but the second I turned it off to put in a hdd an power it back on there was no display again but it remains no display even with hdd out of laptop even though laptop is on an receiving power. Power and scroll lock led lights are on An fans spin as well.*

I’ve checked the ram
Tried to hard reboot
Tried to reset cmos
Tried to disconnect an reconnect everything
Tried the display enabling function keys
Tried pulling battery and clearing excess voltage
Tried following lcd cable into lcd to check for breaks an it’s in perfect condition.
I’ve tried connecting hdmi to my tv to check for signal an I get no display on tv.(there’s no vga port on laptop)
*I’m starting to think it may be stuck in hibernation but can anyone else give me an idea of what’s going on? There are no signs of shortages an all the heat sinks have been re-pasted before any of the issues happened. *