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G731GW issue with Power Adapter PIN getting extremely hot.

Hi GuysThis is my 4th ROG laptop and cant believe this could happen to a 1+ year old laptop which is taken care of like a baby.All my other laptops worked 3+ years flawless.I am having an issue with my laptop as when i am gaming the power adapter Pin...

volors by Level 8
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Scar 17 G733 secondary display via USB-C

Please help, i have an urgent need to connect a secondary display over USB-C, choice is to select a USB-C to HDMI cable or USB-C to DP cable, but my display is HDMI. Do i need DP to HDMI adapter to properly connect ? My try need some buck to do, say ...

svgasus by Level 7
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fast charge doesn't work with Z790

Hello everyone! I have a Z790 E with a corsair 5000d case... When I plug my phone into the usb-c socket, the fast charge does not work, it charges very slowly!!Everything is well connected on the motherboard. Is there something I forgot? Something to...

360hz in g513rw

Hello, i just bought a 360hz monitor, i connected  it to my g15 g513rw (6900hx 3070ti) with a 1.4 dp cable to usb C, and even if my usb C slot with thunderbolt3 is supposed to admit 1.4dp, i cant get to activate 360hz mode. If it´s not compatible i w...

Uve by Level 7
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ROG Strix SCAR 18 (2023) RAM upgrade to 5600 DDR5

I just bought 64Gb Kingston Fury Impact DDR5 5600 CL40 (2×32Gb) model KF556S40IBK2-64 I mounted it to my strix scar 18 and... it does not turn on, does not even enter bios. Only the ke...

F0t0n by Level 7
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HDR Support Rog Strix 18 laptop

I just bought the new rog strix 18 laptop with the 240HZ nebula display. I cant figure out how to turn on HDR in games. Works fine with video playback, but not for games. Anyone elsehas this issue? Is it supposed to be this way? The screen is adverti...

AL81 by Level 7
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ROG Strix SCAR 18 (2023) In Game Stuttering

Hi,I recently purchased a new Strix Scar 18 4090. I've noticed that when playing games I get small microstutter (looks like inconsistent frame pacing). I am on the latest bios 302 and Armoury crate and I have tried a Windows re-install but that didn'...