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Asus ROG Strix g713q-mhx132t - how to Raid 0

Level 7
Do you have step by step guide on how to do this?

I have 2 piece of 1tb each NVME.
I have done on the bios to create array of 1 array Raid 0, and managed to show 2 tb for the raid.
When i fresh installed the windows from my bootable usb from Microsoft retail - it still shows 2 drives and unable to install into any one the drives due to raid.
It is unable to detect the Raid-0.
In the bios it is able to detect the Raid-0 and it shows 2tb.

Please advise how to install windows 10 pro retail.

Desperately need help here.

Thank you.

Level 7
Just guessing here, but have you tried loading the RST Drivers during the windows install? Last time I installed an OS on a RAID 0 (a long time ago) I had to load intel RST drivers before I could see the RAID 0 array during the windows install. But I can't remember if it showed the 2 separate disks before loading the drivers.

Thanks for the information. I have not use the RST drivers.
Will try it out. Thanks again.