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ASUS ROG GL704GW - Vertical Screen Line Problem

Level 7

I have a ASUS ROG GL704GW laptop!

Sometimes, without any reason, a vertical screen line appears in the middle of the screen!
It appears and then dissapears fast!
It it happens without expecting and several times!

This an annoying situation! I bought this laptop 2 months ago!

Does anyone knows a fix for this?

Note: I have the lastest NVidia drivers installed!

Thank you!

P.S. - Please take a look on the attached image!

Level 11
Is that line always on the same spot?

Thank you for reply!

No! The line appears at different places in the screen, but it appears often near the center of the screen (as a vertical thin line)!

Level 11
Does it happens while gaming?

Level 8
have you tried updating you intel vido drivers?

I installed the following drivers: VGA_Intel_CFL_W10_64_V25201006374

It seems to work well... so far so good! Thanks for the help guys!



After some weeks without the vertical line problem (a vertical line that appears in the screen) today, the annoying vertical line returns again!
I installed the lastest drivers again, but this time I got no sucess!
A vertical line (red, sometimes black) appears more or less in the middle of the screen (appear and dissapear in a second)!

Installed drivers:
- BIOS v308
- VGA_NVIDIA_DCH_W10_64_V2521142546
- VGA_Intel_CFL_W10_64_V25201006374
- Chipest_Intel_CFL_W10_64_V101176958086

Does anyone knows why this annoying thing happen?


Laptop: ROG Strix SCAR II (GL704GW)

Level 11
Is it there constantly or even at boot up/bios?

This happens in BIOS (the line appear and disappear faster than in Windows), or Windows!

Creative7 wrote:
This happens in BIOS (the line appear and disappear faster than in Windows), or Windows!

Then it's a hardware issue. Could be the LCD (eDP) cable, faulty LCD panel/controller or something wrong with the GPU.