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Xg32vc kvm

Level 9

I wanted to use the KVM included in the monitor and I have a problem.

This is how everything is connected :

PC 1 :
- Display-Port + USB-"B"

PC 2 :

On the USB ports of the KVM I have the receiver of my Spatha X and the Claymore II with wire.

My problem is I have lot of latency when I use the keyboard on the PC2 (nothing is writing when I strike, or few moment after strike), either with the cable or with the wireless receiver. Absolutely no problem with the mouse.

On the PC1 I use the keyboard with the wireless receiver but If I use the wire of the KVM (with the switch on the keyboard to toggle on USB wire) I have no problem.

Thanks 🙂

Level 9
Ok I tested witn another computer in USB-C and that woked perfectly. The only difference is that on the computer that not works It can be charged by the USB-C port and it's Thunderbolt, the other computer is only USB-C without anything else.