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XG279Q - Never had a worse monitor in my life

Level 7
1. Unable to disable auto-switch sources
2. When the computer is left for any amount of time, the XG279Q goes into what I can only think of as 'Deep Sleep mode', the only way to get it to show up in Windows again is to remove the power source and plug it back in.

What is going on Asus? That's a lot of money dropped for something so buggy.

And before you ask, yes. Every single sleep option has been disabled in Windows/environment power settings.

Level 10
YEP. I made a thread about this two freaking years ago:

I'm actually finally close to getting a firmware update for the monitor. MasterC@ROG finally got around to messaging me that he can give me a firmware update to remove the garbage deep sleep setting which will dramatically improve the situation with this display but man coming from a PG279Q with a real g-sync module and the option to turn off this garbage deep sleep setting, BACK IN 2016!!! It HURTS to see the state of this monitor today. Worst trade of my life. If I could go back to the PG279Q I would in a heartbeat.

Level 7

No response from Asus, good to see quality control levels align with that of customer service. I won't buy anything from you again. Muppets