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PC32UCDM NVIDIA Control Panel Settings

Level 7

I did get my hands on v104 firmware which helped a lot...I had to do a lot of tweaking on the nvidia control panel to get the colors where I wanted them...Can anyone share with they have their red/blue/green brightness and contrast settings at under the nvidia control panel?  Thanks folks!!!!


Level 10

I never change something there...

The Monitir should look good, without any tweaking in NVidia Control Panel settings.


If you mess around with Software color corrections too much, you destroy completely the color accuracy.

Some minor changes in Colors, white point, gamma etc. I make in the OSD from the Monitor. 

But my pg32ucdm was very well factory calibrated. Only a small change in white point (7000k factory, to 6500k) i made. Otherwise everything is stock.


Thanks for the reply...I haven't either until now...I have a PG32UQX next to it for comparison...The brightness picture quality beat it substantially without any tweaks...this is supposed to be a superior monitor, but man I am struggling here!

Yeah the "brightness" on the PG32UQX is far moore superior. The PG32UQX make 1400nits full screen. The pg32ucdm only 250 nits... 

So you can not expect the same performance in brightness...


But otherwise, color accuracy, black levels and everything should be better on the pg32ucdm.

But dont compare the brightness xD.

yeah, It's 1400nits listed...the PG32UCDM is claims 1000nits HDR peak however...The brightness is fine to me overall, but the white lettering looks "greyer" on the PG32UCDM vs the UQX (looks more white) if you have suggestions...I have been moving images back and forth between them for comparison as it's currently in a dual monitor setup.  Thanks for the assist!

Can you measure the "brightnesses" of both monitors?

If white looks "grey" in comparison, then they are not both at the same brightness...

Its like you change from hdr to SDR... at the first moment it looks like you set up sun glasses...