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Bought new PG48UQ , I hear sound, but no display or OSD...

Level 7

Please help...

I ordered a PG48UQ and it arrived today. I unpacked it and followed instructions exactly.

I turn on monitor, the ROG display turns on red, then turns orange... No OSD...

I hooked up my PS5, no display, just sound of the PS5, everything sounds normal.

Same with the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC, I never have display, just sound.

Everything through HDMI, besides PC which is DP.

I unplugged everything and turn on monitor, no OSD, the ROG symbol lights up, but that's it.

The remote works, it turns on monitor, but no display, just ROG symbol lights up.

Hooked up laptop, using laptop display it recognizes the monitor as PG48UQ. But screen is blank on monitor, I can only use laptop display, not monitor as it's always blank.

Any ideas on how to get monitor working? I hope I don't have to RMA this...

I would appreciate any help...