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ASUS PG27UQ handshake/displayport issue

Level 7
Hi everyone, I recently bought an Asus PG27UQ because it finally had the combinations of features that I wanted, but I've been having issues with it recently. The signal from the displayport connection seems to keep flicking on and off, with the screen going black and back again. It even reset itself to 82hz a couple times, and I had to reset the custom resolution to 120hz.

I have the 4k monitor in a triple monitor setup flanked by two 1080p monitors, connected by HDMI, which have had no issues. All three monitors are plugged into a 2080 Ti Asus Strix.

Every once in a while though, when the center display goes "offline", it affects the other displays, which go offline temporarily.

I've already tried changing the GPU entirely (upgraded from a 1080ti to the 2080ti), changing the displayport cables, uninstalling and reinstalling graphics drivers, and powering everything off, unplugging, and plugging everything back in, including PSU cables.

I've also tried connecting the UQ with an Hdmi cable, and it seemed to work fine, except limited to 60hz with no HDR. Also I may have not have had it connected that way for long enough to really see if it avoids the handshake problems, but it seems to.

Outside of the center monitor having this handshake issue, I'm not noticing any other problems. I can play games on the other displays just fine. Sounds like at best the monitor's displayport port is finicky now for some reason, at worst something else with the monitor is broken.

Any ideas?

Level 7

I also have an issue in regards to the HDMI cable failing EDID.

I believe it has to do with the handshake as well.

Happens when I turn it on once in awhile.

Looking for assistance as well.

Having the same issues. I've had my PG27UQ for a few weeks now and it's really finicky with the displayport failing to activate fairly regularly when waking up my computer from sleep mode. Sometimes turning the monitor on and off again fixes it, other times I have to unplug the monitor completely and plug it back in to have it finally connect. It's getting pretty irritating as I had my last set of monitors for nearly 10 years work fairly flawlessly, but now it's a fingers crossed gamble if my new, nearly 2 thousand dollar monitor, is going to work properly when I wake up my computer.

I'd like some insight into what's going on, because I'm starting to consider if this thing is actually just defective.

Level 11
I know its old..but sometimes when i power on my pc then my hz resets to 82 hz 8 bit mode, when i clearly set the mode to 10 bit 98 hz..this happend at random 1-2 times out of 10. And then i need to reboot or power off the pc and power it on again to choose 10 bit 98 hz or 120 that the same problem??

Level 7
Having this same problem, only now I am starting to lose displayport signal in the middle of using the computer.

Level 11
I still have this similar issue..when i boot up then its russian roulette if i get 82 hz or even 30 hz mode
I started to send my 2080 rtx ti card to RMA for testing.

Its messed up and i fear its the monitor it self having issues after the 60 hz rates and up.
I tryed everything beside formating windows 10

Im gona RMA the monitor if the card works fine.