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Upgrade RAM in ROG g751j laptop - what to get?

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Good day!

I have a g751j, asus rog laptop. Mostly using it for photoshop and some games.

I have noticed I only have 8GB of RAM - but there should be room for 4x8?

I do like to have a quick computer, and I would like to try some newer programs and games, so now I want to upgrade my RAM.

What do you recommend me to do? buy 4x8GB so they are the same? Any links what I should get?

I'm in Bangkok, Thailand, and it is easy to leave it to someone to fix this. But I would like to order it myself if possible (since they will also have to order it).
And I just don't know what to get.

Can I upgrade it just like that, or will I need to upgrade something else too?

Thanks in advance!

iFixit has some teardowns and memory upgrade guides for the g751. Make sure to look at those before you proceed. The factory installed module is on the back side of the motherboard (underneath the keyboard) so if you want to install 4 modules, more extensive teardown is required. You can add two modules simply by removing the bottom cover. Three memory modules for a total of 24GB of memory is not ideal for performance, but it will work fine. You want to make sure you get DDR3 1600 modules from a reputable brand like Samsung, Kingston, Crucial, etc.
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Thank you kindly for this info.

Ater more studies, I just want to know if I need 1.35V or 1


xeromist wrote:
1.35 per this thread:

Thank you.

On your advice, I recently bought 2 new RAM sticks of 8GB each, after much research.
In my machine, there is 1x8GB already installed, the Samsung M471B1G73DB0-YK0, according to CPU-Z - I bought two new ones of the exact same model.

Grounded myself after having turned off and unplugged. Simply opened up the back and found two empty slots. Kept grounded all the time.

Very easy to install, click and it was done. Put cover back and started up - black screen. Can hear the CPU but no keyboard light and only black screen.

I repeated safety routine and then removed one of the sticks. Tried to start again, same thing - black screen.

Repeated safety routine and then removed the second of my new RAMs, making it back to original - then it started fine.

What is the problem here?? Was looking forward to having a faster machine....I definately installed them correct. And they are the exact same as the one I have originally...

Appreciate any help, thanks!

I would try again and make sure they are fully seated. It's possible the one module wasn't fully seated.

Also, I'm guessing you tried the one module in one slot. With this limited test either the slot or the module could be bad. Try a single memory module in the *other* open slot. Then try the other module in the kit in one slot. By testing all combinations you will test the two slots independently for issues, and test the two modules independently.
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its been long time I was looking for the RAM for the same model and checked with multiple resources.
Some delivered me but that was not compatible with my device as it was giving some crash errors.
Later someone suggested at ROG Forum, You can also get it from here

You can also check crucial official website for sure. But I shared from where I ordered.