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Keyboard Replacement G55VW / AZERTY -> QWERTY

Level 7

So I'm interested in buying the notebook ASUS G55VW but probably in France.
The problem is I would like a QWERTY keyboard instead of an AZERTY (French people always do things differently 😉 )

Do you think it's possible to change the keyboard manually? (I never did that before btw)

I found replacement keyboard ( ) and videos where the guy tears down the laptop but never to only change the keyboard.

Thanks for you answers and feel free to ask me for more details if you need some.

Level 7
this is a lot of keys to change this is not an entire keyboard it is only the keys

Level 7
Well, I might have to change around 22keys...
but I found this one as well (which should be adapted for the G55VW)
but it's currently out of stock 😞

Level 8
i htink you can call service to ask it, when have unit to ship.

Level 7
Well I'll probably do that, but I really don't know how to change it. I was hopping for someone to explain me (or with a video) if he already did it.

i don't have an answer but i have the same problem. (live in france but can't stand the AZERTY)
i would love to hear how you solved it if you will please.

kind regards, peter