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G750JZ Very very slow startup stucked on rog logo

Level 7
Hi everyone and sorry my poor English,

I own an asus G750JZ; recently I resetted my windows 10, deleting my apps but keeping files... after that I've got a very slow startup... when I turn on the pc, it stays 1 second on screen with rog logo, after that 20 seconds of black screen, then about 10 second on the screen with date and time before I can insert my password... The critical is when I reboot my system... it stays 80 SECONDS (!!!!!!!!!!) on rog logo screen, after that 10 seconds on black screen with rotating points at bottom, after that I can instantly insert password and go.... IN TOTAL IT TAKES ABOUT 100 SECOND REBOOTING MY SYSTEM!!!!
I tryed to pull out all usb devices but nothing happens, I updated all graphic drivers (both nvidia and intel), I've got latest bios for my pc (210), updated all drivers possible, I've set startup time in msconfig at 3 seconds... I don't know what else I can do... I'm so disappointed...
Please someone help me out!! T_T

Windows 10 home 64bit
Intel i7-4710HQ
Intel hd graphics 4600 (driver version:
Nvidia geforce GTX 880M 8 GB (driver version 381.65)
16384 MB ram
SSD 250 GB (where the os is installed)
BIOS: G750JZA 210
DirectX 12

I tried some base command in CMD:
Tried sfc /scannow; nothing wrong
Tried CHKDSK; nothing wrong
tried Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth; it says that it's impossible find source file and it ask me to state the source path. What does this mean?

Performed clean installation of Windows 10 from USB driver, with complete format of OS partition.
Thanks to Microsoft Answers forum...

Level 9
Did you reinstall Windows or repair?

Level 7