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G750JM screen flickering & faulty 2nd SATA bay

Level 7

So I've bought an Asus ROG G750JM in 2014, and had to RMA it because of dead blocks (not pixels, blocks) on the screen. When I got it back I had got a faulty screen that was probably storred under heavy stuff. I got the screen changed a second time after that.

Since then the screen would start flickering depending on how it was oriented. It seems that it doesn't stay plugged in correctly and it gets worse after each day.

I'm also having issues with the 2nd hard drive bay that damages hard drives I put in (Hitachi TravelStar 7K1000, same model as the one shipped with the laptop) and have already RMA'd 3 times that hard drive from different vendors.

Every was reported during the warranty period, and RMA'd. But I'm still getting issues.

While I can use an USB dock for the second hard drive, I need to get the screen fixed. Since the issue on the screen was never totally fixed I can't afford to RMA this laptop again since I need it because I'm a student and also because Asus doesn't guarantee that it will be free. I have also reported the issue to the computer shop Asus used to replace my screen two times and have asked to not go through them again.

Here is a link to a video about what it looks like:

I just wanted to give some feedback and possibly discuss any bad experience about the RMA service (or at least the French one) or even the hardware.

Have a nice day.

Level 7
I don't know about the flicker, but about the SATAs I know there is a HUGE problem in the JM model.

I for one ran for a year and a half one samsung 850 ssd and the original hgst 1tb hdd in usual slots. Then my optical unit broke and I switched it with a caddy with a second hgst, identical to the first one. Ever since it stopped working. Errors, studders, and so on. I took the caddy out, and it kept going. It was so bad Steam couldn't instal anything on the hdd, it gave out errors that the hdd was broken. But how could it? Then I checked the speeds. They were 18mb/s at read and under 5mb/s at write. I thought the sata controller was gone, but again, how could it?

Then I thought that the old hdd might really is broken so I took the new one off the caddy and placed it inside near the ssd. Guess what? Same problem.

The thing that solved my problem is having the hdd in the caddy and the inside slot near the ssd with no hdd. So... I have a hdd sitting on my desk being useless.

A few days ago I tryed placeing the hdd back inside. This time there were no errors or anything like it, just it didn't recognize the hdd. In device manager it didn't see 2 hdds and one ssd, just the ssd and the hdd in the caddy.

I use a Orico L127SS, and in my other laptop, the same model of caddy works just fine.

Any one encountered something similar? Does it have anything to do with the small switch on the side of the caddy? What does that switch do?

So the SATA controller is faulty by design and we must just accept it ?