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G74Sx: High CPU temperatures

Level 7
Dear Forum,

I have had my trusty G74Sx for a bit over 2 years now, and am, as most people, super happy with it.

A while ago however I noticed the system was getting extremely hot and chugged during longer gaming sessions, and upon installing CPUID HWMnitor, I discovered that the average core temperature while idling is 50C and during gaming tends to climb all the way up to 80+C.

I vacuum the exhaust regularly and try to keep the inlets dust-free as well, but this seems to have no effect.

I was wondering whether anyone had experienced anything similar or knew how to solve this problem.
Appreciate all the help in advance.

Specs of system:
GPU: Geforce GTX 560M
CPU: Intel Core-i7-2670QM @ 2.2GHZ (2.9-3.0 with in-built Turbo Boost)
Mem: 16GB