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G701VI - Integrated GPU?

Level 7
Does the G701VI have an integrated GPU in addition to the GTX 1080? I don't see it show up in Windows device settings and I don't see settings for it in the BIOS. I've been told by another vendor that it does have one and that it is causing conflicts for my setup. Can anyone confirm? If so, is there a way to totally disable it? Perhaps via jumper on the motherboard or a hidden BIOS setting?

Level 9
Asus ROG laptops that do not explicitly state Optimus support have the CPU's integrated graphics disabled by default. It's as simple as that - the dedicated card will provide video signal for everything starting with BIOS/POST screens, all the external ports are a part of the dedicated card, etc.
The fact that you do not see the integrated graphics anywhere would definitely mean it is disabled for good. In other words, it cannot cause conflicts.
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