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G55 - Partition failure

Level 7

I've had my G55 with W7 for about 1.5 years now, and a couple of days ago the main partition gave up.

When plugging the hdd into my old computer (running XP), windows will detect the recovery partition and the main partition, but is unable to detect the file system on the main partition, prompting to format the drive. chkdsk correctly identifies the file system as ntfs, but has trouble reading from a range of sectors. Using a recovery tool I've been able to copy all my important stuff to another hard drive, except for anything in %appdata% (Users/username/AppData/...), which the recovery tool couldn't find.

Returning the hdd to my laptop and booting, the recovery partition will start windows recovery but not find the operating system to repair, asking for the drivers to the hdd (see image below, only mine is in Swedish). 35670

Pressing next, without choosing an OS, gives an error and then access to recovery tools (image) 35671

Here, nothing except the command prompt will work, since I haven't chosen a partition/OS to work on. Using the command prompt I can browse the recovery partition. Running DISKPART and "list disk" returns (loosely translated from Swedish) "There are no drives to show".

The hard drive did not originally show up in BIOS, but now it does. Also, when launching BIOS with F12, rather than ESC -> Setup, it will not let me exit BIOS.

Rebooting with F9 gets me to the same system recovery options page as a boot without F9.

Now, I foolishly have not made any recovery disks, since I gathered that the recovery partition would be enough to reset the install to factory settings. I am currently downloading a Windows 7 iso file to burn a install disk and try a clean install.

Q1: Is it likely that my hdd is damaged? Should I file for RMA? I should perhaps note that my laptop does suffer from what seems to be loose connectors and other internal issues (headphone output channels on/off depending on computer orientation and VGA-attached screen flicker when laptop power chord is attached).

Q2: Should the recovery partition by itself be enough to reinstall windows, or would I have needed recovery disks even if my primary partition hadn't failed? Is there any feasible way to repair the failed partition enough to allow a factory reset?

I'd be thankful for any feedback/thoughts.


Level 14
A clean install of win7 would be your best bet, you have already backed up your data, it sounds to me like you have a failing hard drive at a minimum, with all the other loose connection your reporting you might just want to RMA this notebook while its still under warranty. Insure you report all the defective connections and how to recreate the issues with them. Also PM cl-albert as he can be very helpful with creating successful RMA's
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