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G53Jw: Stop 0x00000101

Level 7
I started getting Stop 0x00000101 bluescreens (CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT) about a week ago on my G53Jw-A1 after about 2 1/2 years of ownership. This was after a hard drive was replaced and Win7 was cleanly reinstalled. I checked for updated drivers and everything appeared up to date, so it's likely that there's a bad processing core, or perhaps the outside chance of an overheating issue. I can set options in msconfig such that only 2 "processors" (i.e., processing threads) out of 8 are used as a workaround, but I'll likely need to replace the CPU should I wish to get the original performance back. There's an outside chance of there simply being an overheating issue, so I figured that a fan blowout and re-paste of the heat sink wouldn't hurt.

The user guide shows how to replace/upgrade RAM and how to add/replace a hard drive, but does not explain how to access the more sensitive components like the CPU and GPU. How do I access these? Is there a G53Jw service manual that exists anywhere so I can reduce the risk of error ID-10T during disassembly/reassembly?

Pitcher, thanks for the link, but I've already been to it as a part of my previous troubleshooting. A check for updated drivers has already been done, and I'm going to make the rash assumption that my two-week-old hard drive probably doesn't have any bad sectors yet. Am running KIS, all my software is legal, I don't engage in P2P file sharing, and I've been a professional help desk technician for 11 years, so the chance of malware infection is approaching zero.

Issue appears to primarily occur when the computer is warm and when multiple tasks are being performed. Thus, I'm going to assume that this is a problem with the processor or with overheating. I will repeat my question: Where can I find a service manual (not the user guide) for the G53Jw, or at least directions on how to get to the cooler/heatsink so I can take out the heatsink and repaste it, and blow out the fan vent with Dust-Off? If you cannot publicly distribute the service manual, message me privately and I can give you an email address to send it to.

It seems unbelievable that the extensive documentation available when purchasing an Asus motherboard is not at all available for an Asus laptop.

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