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I want to buy the Flow X16 so bad, but it doesn't have ethernet...

Level 8
Add ethernet to the Flow X16 and I will buy one RIGHT AWAY.

Other optional improvements I would like to see:

-support for Thunderbolt 4 (maybe offer both Intel and AMD variants of the X16?)
-expand the microSD slot to full-size SD for content creators
-*maybe* add a second SSD slot if there is room to allow for it*

You probably already know this but there are compact USB options to add ethernet to a device that doesn't have it. Or if you only need ethernet at home you can use a larger USB dock that has full sized SD and extra USB for peripherals like hard drives.

I see you already posted this in the suggestion thread so this is kind of a duplicate but that's not a discussion thread so I just wanted to throw some ideas out here. The Flow is a compact machine so they probably have minimal I/O due to space constraints. Dongle life isn't great but depending on your usage you don't have to haul everything on the go.
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Level 9
My new Zephyrus G14 does not have ethernet and that was something I didn't notice before ordering it. Honestly, I may never need it but there are USB devices you can get that provide it and they're not very expensive. I would rather have a built in optical drive but those are going the way of the floppy disk and entering dinosaur status it seems.