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Cannot get into Bios after adding a bios password

I have the strangest problem. I was adding an M.2 SSD. Options in the bios to change the SATA controller were greyed out. I thought it was an bios admin thing, so I added a password - just 1 2 3 4. After adding the password I found I could no lon...

Drolle by Level 7
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Replacing ROG G20CB Network card

Hello, my asus Rog has a really slow wifi speed compared to my other devices that share the same wifi. I've already tried pretty much everything to correct it without having to open it (including installing that old driver, that didn't change anythi...

Just got confused

I recently bought ROG Strix GA35 RTX 3080 pre-built desktop, now I want know I should buy a separate PSU or not ?? I'm confused because some of colleagues told me that this desktop should already has pre-built PSU? NOW WHAT I DO ?I also want to know,...

0xRohit by Level 7
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Ram CAS latency on ROG Strix G35 Gaming Desktop PC

Hi Everyone,I recently purchased a ROG Strix G35 Gaming Desktop PC. CPU-Z shows that the CAS Latency is 22 clocks, RAS to CAS Delay 22 clocks and RAS Precharge 22 clocks.Isn't that poor for 3200Mhz DDR4 RAM? I was thinking about buying some Corsair...

G35dx ram

Hello every body*Just got a ga35 Desktop with Amd 5900x and ga35dx motherboard and 32gb of ram 3200 cl22And i wanna upgrade it to 64 or 128 the ram i would like to buy this:*Crucial Ballistix RGB 2 x 32GB, DDR4-3600*BL2K32G36C16U4BL. 1,35VBut as i wa...

Zogs313 by Level 7
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G21CN CPU upgrade ?

I am using G21CN with I7-8700 . Wonder if any successful case to upgrade it to i7-9700 or 9700k or even i7-10xxx