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My m6e build.

Level 7
What *a beautiful board,!
After the maximum viii extreme ( a board I love) *I’ve built this beauty .
Rampage vi extreme
I9 7980
Titan v
I have had the time of my life tweeking *and testing this system and am delighted, ok! I know there are issues but more from ms os than the board but all will eventually get sorted, same as all new technology,*
So I have tweeked *and tested enough to now know upgrade needed,
Corsair obsidian 900p case arriving tomorrow. ( more room and more airflow)
Orderring *EKwb full custom loop for vrm, gpu and cpu, now, I think that should sort a few of my problems out! ( higher Oc than 3.9 ghz at safe temps)I don’t have a problem with gpu or vrm temps but if I’m going to do a custom loop then it seems right to cover these as well and gives *better Oc scope.
So another £1k into this rig and I am just so so exited that this has to be my best piece of work to date,
My psu, be quiet dark power pro 850 wattplatinum, there configuration says with this system + Oc I only need 600 watt psu but others state I will need 1200/ 1500watt ??
EKwb custom loop, used there configuration for system Oc , any views on this before I order?*
But to me it’s gonna be calling me daddy lol.*

Before latest upgrade

* *Will post after pics soon.*

Level 7
Very nice, looking forward to see your progress

Level 9
I see you are running a Kraken cpu cooler as do I on a 7900x with 64gb RAM and 5 NVME 960 Pro ssd's.
I also run a Radeon Vega 64 liquid and gave all my Koolance cooling gear to my son.
The Apex/Hyperx16 I'm using is the third MB to inhabit this case and psu.

The main thing I do is run a 1200w NZXT Hale90 PSU in a Corsair 800d case. No matter what I add to the MB the PSU is never stressed and runs COOL and QUIET.

Have fun with your build.

Level 7
Obsidian 900d arrived ok, ordered *EKwb full custom loop ( seems reliable company) now waiting on post,*
As to he psu ? *Yes it might be safer to upgrade as well, ah well a bit more research lol.
I find myself getting a twinge of nervousness regarding the water cooling so will be taking plenty of time to avoid any disasters with it.*
also bit the bullet and ordered the die mate x, I have u tube coming out of my ears from watching so many delidding tutorial videos, and reports but I feel I am ready for this one.

Level 7
Well everything has arrived, including die mate so practised first on my M8E i7 6700k delidding went well, just booted it up today and will startbenching later,
THEN, onto the R6E i9 7980 delidding and get the beast built!*