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gskill ram overclocking issue

Level 7
Hey guys this is my first time on the forum
I am facing some issues setting my DRAM frequency, i recently purchased GSKILL 8GB F4-4266C17Q-32GTZR and i want to set it to 4000mhz and maybe beyond it, but all i can reach is 3733mhz on my mobo. as i set my DRAM frequency on 3800mhz it won't boot. I tried both XMP and MANUAL profiles i also did a lot of research on this also mailed GSKILL
got them involved into this but all they did is suggested me a software to download (Typhoon Burner) and check the ram timings.
Do you guys have any suggestion on how can i set my DRAM frequency to 4000mhz in both XMP and MANUAL profiles
please help.......................

MoBo-Asus ws x299 pro/se / Asus rampage vi extreme
Ram- GSKILL 8GB F4-4266C17Q-32GTZR
Processor- intel core i9-7960x

Super Moderator
Hi, please be sure to try all Maximus Tweak modes. The suggestion from GSKILL to check the timings may help as you might need to relax the sub timings somewhat. Also try the following

18–18-18-42 at command rate 2

DRAM Voltage 1.4v

Beyond 3800 can be tough on some CPU samples as this is the very top of the spectrum for SKL-X.*

I think I have similar gskill memories. Mine are 4 dimms of 8 GB each, using every channel of memori controller on cpu i7-7820.
I am able to use them at 4000 MHz, using the BIOS preset values that you can find in memory configuration (4000 MHz - 1.4 V) and rising the cpu VCCIO to 1.15 V.