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Strix 1080 Ti - Fan Connect II max ampere?

Level 7
Hey Guys,

dont know if anyone here can answer me this or help me with that but i thought id try.

I have a ROG Strix 1080 TI and a AIO mounted to it.
The Software for the AIO wont let me control the fans inside the provided software.

I know that the Strix has 2 headers for case fans, however i never used this function but it would come in handy to connect the radiator fans and control them via the GPU temperature instead of the Temp of the liquid.

But i couldnt find how much amp. you can put on the headers without frying the card. Will RGB Fans work on those headers? Should i avoid plugging in any Fan splitter into the GPU headers?

Anyone has experience with this or knows details from ASUS themselves?

Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂

Super Moderator

The headers are standard PWM, so 12W.
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