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ROG Strix B460-F Gaming Drivers not working as they should.

Level 7
Hi, so i've tried out the 3 different versions of the audio drivers off the ROG Strix b460-F Gaming support site, and all of them work fine on youtube and while watching movies and what not, it sounds good. but in any game it doesn't at all work as it should. I've got it set as stereo, but whenever I talk to an NPC in a game, unless they are perfectly centered on my screen, the audio moves into right or left earphone depending on which way I turn. Instead of fading right or left as I turn, when they're like 20% off to the right or left of the center, it instantly moves into the right or left earphone, while i'm still looking at them. Tried many different games, different inputs, front and back, swapped headphones, same issue.

If I remove all drivers so it just installs the basic windows 10 realtek drivers, it works as it should. the issue is entirely gone, but then I can't use sonic studio's EQ, and i've grown very fond of the HD 598 equalizer setting. If anyone can help me solve the issue on these current ones i'd be grateful, but otherwise does anyone know how to translate the Sonic studio EQ settings into Equalizer APO instead? There's no numerical values for all of it so no idea how to swap it over.

I'll post a picture of the EQ settings too, if that helps. Out of ideas of how to fix this. Would appreciate some help, thanks!