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ROG MAXIMUS XI Extreme takes 2-3 times to post to Windows 10

Level 7
I have put most of my RIG information into my profile you can see under my avatar.

Essentially my problem the BIOS takes forever to get to post to where I can get to Windows. It also makes overclocking take 3x more work.

First boot:

Blank screen on monitor (haven't checked the BIOS code, but can)

Second boot:

System boots to overclock success message for memory. Press F1 to save memory settings.
I do this, then tell it to save settings an reboot. These settings always are the same in the BIOS every time.

Third boot:

System boots clean into Windows runs fine and even passes all stress tests.

The only changes I have made to BIOS settings are the following:

XMP II (have tried XMP I as well) and AI turned on for the CPU.

Wondering if anyone has fixed this problem. I don't really care if it turns off testing features from the BIOS.... This cycle is super annoying for me because I do turn off my machine every night because of electric costs.

Level 7
It looks like memory to me.

1.First make sure you have the latest bios settings installed.
2.Make sure that the memory you are trying to run is supported by ASUS :

3.Check if the ram stick are insalled in correct slot, I think on default it's 1 and 3, don't quote me, check manual.

4. You can also try to run them in 2 and 4.

5.If you are running 4 memory stick that that might be your problem, try running only 2.

6. I had a 4500 Mhz Corsair that was supposed to run on Maximus XI Gene, but I couldn't get it to run anything above 4400, so instead of trying to force XMP, try to do it manually, leave the CL timing a per spec but reduce the Mhz to lower value.

7. Basically I should have started with this : make sure it runs straight out of the box without XMP settings. Default or on auto or whatever is the case.

Hope this helps.

Kit came 4x16. Wanted to cap out the motherboard. The memory is on the QVL. I'll do some more testing, was just curious if people were encountering this as well.

Couple more things, was the kit 4x16 or did you buy two separate 2x16 kits and try to run them together ?

Also you could try running XMP profile, but just increase the voltage, assuming that it's not some high speed kit that supposed to run at 1.45v out of the box. But if it's like 1.35 out of the box, try running it at 1.4 and 1.45.

F4-3733C17Q-64GTZR < - is on the QVL

I was only able to get it stable booting from scratch to 3333MHZ. Wasn't impressed with that result. Just completed a memory diagnostic today and it came back error free.

3733MHZ works, but like i said.... Two to Three boots before I can get into the operating system.