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Open Box ROG STRIX x570E motherboard Without Seal?

Level 7
Without going into a lot of excruciating detail about calls to Amazon and ASUS . . . I ordered a ROG STIX x570E motherboard from Amazon. The box was not taped or sealed nor was the inner static bag. This seems like an open box to me but maybe ASUS ships like this? Can anyone comment, thanks.

I don't recall a static bag being taped on any recent purchase from any brand. Do you see other signs that the product has been used such as dust? If you plan to keep the card and you are concerned I would make sure you can register it on the ASUS site. As long as you can register it you will have the full warranty.
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No, there was no other indication of being an open box, other than it WAS an open box. Without some type of sealing how does the customer know it is not another persons returned product or not? Seems like that is a reasonable assumption to me but I may be old fashioned. You are right about the warranty, but I'd rather not build the PC only to find out it has issues if you know what I mean. Thanks for the reply.

Hi drodow

I agree with xeromist, see if you can register it and go from there.

I can see why there would be red flags but if you bought it new, then you likely have a new motherboard.

For good measure, you could give it a good inspection around the cpu socket for traces of thermal paste.

Level 7
The last several Ive bought were in a non sealed box and no static bag. Everything was there, protective film in place.
I registered the warranty and called it a day. Been that way on the last 3 Ive gotten.