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New X99 build support.

Level 9
Dear friends. it is a long time. Its time to say goodbuy to my old rig. I`m planning to build a X99 rig this time. My wish list is-
Rampage 5 edition 10, i7 6850k, DDR4 3200MHz Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB (8x8G), MSI gtx 1080 sea hawk x.
My question is if the Rampage 5 can handle the 64Gb 3200MHz RAM? In other word Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB (8x8G) is
compatible with Rampage 5? What kind of RAM you guys using with Rampage 5 edition 10?
I`m thinking to go with gtx titan x pascal card but dont know if gtx 1080ti beat it in the future. I`m going with 1080 for now.
Please let me know your ideas and suggestions.
Thank you.
It ain't over till the fat lady sings :cool:...

Level 15
Yes, the Rampage V Edition 10 can handle that memory at that capacity and speed as long as your CPU's IMC is strong enough to do so. Personally I'm running a HyperX Savage 128GB 2666MHz kit on mines and it has been awesome. 🙂

Level 10
Rampage V 10TH have only up to 2800MHz on QVL list for Broadwell-EX...
And 3200MHz 8x8 will depend most from Memory Controller.

You really need 64GB of RAM?
Maybe you can risk with some nice 3200MHz kit, Dominator Platinum is more expensive than others.

Maybe is this kit good and cheaper... nice timmings.
GSkill say QVL for Rampage boards X99.

Around new year I will buy same only 32GB if other people confirm stability on ASUS X99.

I had so nice expectations from Pascal TITAN. I expect some full chip 3840 CUDA, 16GB HBM2 for 1000$.
That would be nice, but this TITAN is worse of all and don't deserve to think on him at all.
GTX1080 is excellent but I think she is expensive for such card. If you look better she is 10-15% stronger than TITAN X.
For 2 years only 10-15% improvement for 200-300$ less. That's terrible. And why people complain on latency so much...something is not right.
But if NVIDIA really replace GP104 with GV104 that would be excellent card.
My plan was GTX1080, but not before AMD show their cards. I would not like to pay more for mid class NVIDIA than stronger Vega.
AMD need 50% stronger card than Fury X and GTX1080 is beaten. Maybe because of that rumors about GV Pascal.
That would be similar situation as Fermi GTX470-480 > GTX570-580. Or Kepler GTX770-680>GTX770-780.

GTX1080 is great card but for 500$ and 550 euro in Europe.
Not for 800 euro better custom models. For same price NVIDIA should offer at least 30% better than GTX1080.

Level 9
Thanks you Chino and Vlada011. Happy to see you still here and kicking. I can remember you Chino, you help me to build my last rig too.
I request details from G Skill and corsair both about RAM. I only got a reply from G Skill. I think I will go with G Skill - Trident Z F4-3400C16Q2-64GTZSW
But its 3400MHz, Do guys think Rampage 5 + i7 6850k can handle 64GB of 3400MHz RAM? In the Rampage specification says up to 3333MHz
but the QLC send by the G Skill says Rampage 5 edition 10 can handle it. Its risky to buy a 64Gb 3400MHz memory kit for experiment :D.
Not sure will use 3200 or 3400 RAM.
Thanks guys.
It ain't over till the fat lady sings :cool:...

Level 10
I believe your memory will work max on 3000-3200MHz...
But you never know... maybe little faster memory give you space for little tighter timings on lower memory frequency than max specification speed.
Example 3400kit maybe work on 3200 14-14-14... But it's cheaper to go on 3200MHz C14 kit. If he not work on 3200. Maybe work 13-14-13 timings on 3000MHz.
That's lottery always. I'm more for 2800-3000 bigger kits for X99 and for Z170 2x16 3200-3400MHz.
But timing of different kits are very important. It's not same 3200MHz with 18-18-18 and 3200 14-14-14.
I always check and timings and frequency before purchase.

Level 9
Yeah I decide to go with G skill Trident Z F4-3333C16Q2-64GTZSW. The newest edition out from the factory it self. I contact the G skill and gonna have it
in 3 days. Cost it around USD 550 for 8X8gb sticks. Hope it works with R5E10.

Other thing is I`m planning to buy Intel 750 series 1.2tb m.2 SSd or Intel 750 400gb times 2 on raid 0. What if i use 3 or 4 of them in raid 0?
can you guys think it works? If so its better to go 2 times 400gb on raid 0 or one time 1.2tb? What is your say to that?
It ain't over till the fat lady sings :cool:...

Level 40
I think RAID 0 is a question of software raid in OS right? Might be better single 1.2Tb...