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G731GU Random key presses

Level 7
Hey, I got Asus Rog Strix G731GU and few weeks ago while using it I spilled some vaping liquid on it. I tried to leave it for few days for it to completely dry off. When I started using it I didn't had any issues at all but like a week ago few buttons started to get randomly get pressed. After that I left it for some time again and now when I tried to use it, it got way worse, not only loads of buttons are being pressed to the point where I can't even log in but now it even turn on button is messed up. The liquid is rather thick so probably it didn't really all went out of there during that time. I tried to open it up and clean it as much as I could but I wasn't able to get too far. Is there any suggestions what else I could try out myself?

Not sure what will dissolve that. You could try rubbing alcohol or electronics cleaner.
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