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CPU temperature

Level 7
A strange CPU behavior has appeared yesterday.
No matter, what I do, it rapidly heats up, and cools down.

In idle it's 30c and stable.
E.g I lauch browser - temp goes up to 50 or even more. (monitoring in aida64 and mobo onboard display), after the browser has loaded (1-2sec) the CPU goes back to 30c very fast. CPU fan rpm goes up and down, while the CPU temp jumps.

I click any link, open any document/programm (heavier than notepad or paint) and cpu temp jumps 30-55 and back.
In BIOS the fan is set to quiete mode.

CPU cooler attached well. (I think the temp wouldn't be 30 in idle if the cooler was loose).

Does anyone have any ideas?

Level 7
This would sound like the (possibly OC) Turbo Boost is being activated, and it typically heavily ramps up voltage, in specific cases (G752VS had such a Turbo Gear configuration for some time) from 0.67 to 1.4+, and anything around 1.4 V heats up the CPU very quickly and to very high temperatures, unless the fan is locked at max RPM or custom cooling solutions are used. Perhaps that is the case here.
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I didn't OC very much, just turned the XMP memory profile on.

This looks very much my case. Doesn't look like there is any solution.


IX formula (latest bios) and i7 7700k @ 4.6 with that XMP profile