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Windows crashes in Raid after install (X570-I)

Level 8
Hello Rog Community.

I keep running into a repeatable issue:

Recently a windows update messed with my machine hard enough to warrant a re-install, and I had to re-create the Raid Array (backed up everthing first)

Now, after setting up the AMD raid in the bios and installing the Windows x64 Pro 2004 version, the OS works after install.

However resetting it after installing drivers causes it to crash into recovery mode.

This is a fresh install on a Samsung SSD with Mirrored SSHD's for storage.

Everythings been whiped, so I don't know what's causing it to crash.

Level 8
Nevermind found the fix.

Apparently when I switched it to RAID mode somehow the designated boot drive was set to Dynamic. Meaning anytime I did anything more to it after the initial installation would cause it to crash.

CMD'd it back to Basic and it's working fine. Now to restore the system