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Strix RTX 3090 Fan vibration issues

Level 7
Multiple people on various forums from where I frequent have reported fan vibrations on the Strix shroud more specifically the left fan on load... I have one on order and am nervous about it now since its more than one person having the exact same issue... Seems to be easily reproduced and can be mistaken for coil whine.... here is a video demonstrating it:

Some of the quotes:
"When play the game , fan start to spin with high RPM. The noise sounds like coil whine , so I thought it was coil whine and ignore the sounds. Last night the noise got worse so check the card , and the sounds came from the LED cover. When I press the LED cover noise disappear. So it seems the fan may contact the LED cover on high RPM. For me it happen when card is under load so fan start spin. Around 70% of fan speed is makes the noise. I found the left fan makes the sound for me(to find out I have stop the fan with my finger)."

"I noticed the same issue on my 3090 Strix OC last night too.

I can replicate it 100% of the time by just turning up the fan speed with the card at idle. It seems loudest for me at about 65% and the middle fan seems to cause it more.

Pushing on the lightbar doesn't make it go away completely but does decrease the sound significantly. Unlike in your video it decreases the vibration sound when I push on the lightbar on the right hand side (power plug end) of the lightbar about a third of the way along. Pushing where you did does nothing for me.
In all other respects the card works fine it's just a ****ty design/QC."
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Level 7
same here, it starts around 76% fan for me... If i push the leds the noise goes off.

This is very frustrating considering that this is the most expensive 3090 at the moment.

I tried to find a root cause for this and when I push the left-side of the card from bottom, the sound goes off completely so I thought to mount it vertically may be a solution but I dont have a vertical mount...

Level 7
Any words from Asus?? I know Asus staff see this forum as well..

I am the one who upload above youtube video.

Since it seems appear on multiple user in all around the country(I saw some in Korea , some in German , some in Australia , some in Canada) , Asus should known by now.

Any suggest for consumer ? like replacement for new one that fixed the issue?

By the way how come my Strix 3090 does not come with LED Bar cover? Does it mean my card has been used??

Same problem for me and no LED-Cover aswell 😕
Any suggestions?