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Rog-ryujin 2 360!!!!

Level 7
Screen and everything worked this morning fine then late this afternoon for no reason what so ever it just stopped. Stopped displaying info of any kind and just has the splash screen showing ROG logo in a loop. Along with AC not seeing it anymore and the driver appears to be missing. I updated the MB bios, reinstalled AC and ada64. Please don't tell me this is going to be like my last ASUS AIO where I just end up accepting that the screen doesn't work...this screen is much bigger and it will only bug me that much more every time I look at my setup. A setup that is entirely made up of ASUS components I might add. Everything from the mouse pad to GPU and case. All of it ASUS, I've been very loyal hoping that one day the software side of things will fix day a day I fear that may still be very far away.

Level 12
Hi crakilz,
Do you have another pc to cross check if the screen is working with it?
Thank you.