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Laptop not charging

Level 7
Hi everyone,

I bought my laptop FX553VD in 2017. Yesterday I noticed the laptop was not charging (not showing plugged & LED for battery charging not lit up). I tried different wall sockets & I tried my screen adapter (19v 3.42a for screen & 19v 6a for laptop) which didnt work on the laptop but my laptop adapter worked on my asus screen. I tried reinstalling the drivers and an EC reset which didnt work. My battery is internal but i managed to unplug it and try powering on with the adapter only connected which also didnt work. I noticed that my battery would last 2 hours but when I plug the adapter in it shows 10 hours ( for both laptop and screen adapters) even though it doesnt recognize it as plugged in and the battery doesnt last that long in the first place. Im confused as to if the issue is with my adapter or my laptop port/motherboard?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Level 12
Hi Hasan94,

Please backup you personal files and send the device with the adapter to our local service center for further checking.
Please visit our official website for contact info of our local service center to issue RMA.
Thank you.