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horizontal white lines appearing on asus rog screen

Level 7
detail information: this situation seems more clear in featured blue colors. When looking at the example facebook icon, horizontal white stripes appear clearly, it bothers my eyes very much. There are no dead pixels. My screen is 144 Hz and it has been tested in 60 Hz and various resolutions as mode. I did my appearance comparison with Asus N55 notebook. It is a 60hz 1920x1080 resolution screen. I want to know if this is a malfunction or structural. Because there is a very bad appearance on blue backgrounds. When I select the text in the image I took, the white stripes in the blue selection area are clearly visible. In other colors, it decreases or increases significantly according to its closeness to blue. I bought the notebook on 14.10.2021, I was saddened by the fact that the Asus N55 notebook 8 years ago was worse in terms of screen appearance in this process. I would be glad if you help. The other thing is that the bluetooth is not working properly. I downloaded both models (mediatek firstly) on your official website, but whenever I add a bluetooth device, I get a bluetooth enumeration error. notebook model ASUS ROG G17 713CI-HX038[HTML][HTML][/HTML][/HTML],

Level 12
Hi EmreKaya,
Is your model name G713IC?
I'm sorry I don't see the horizontal white stripes in your screenshots.
If it only be seen on the screen of your G713 laptop, could you please help to change to blue wallpaper and then take a photo about the horizontal white stripes?
For bluetooth issue, have you tried different bluetooth device, but all of them get the error?
May I have the bios version, the bluetooth device model name and the driver version?
Please refer to the following link to check the model name and the bios version.
Thank you.

The horizontal white lines on the screen are not visible even if I take a photo, I take a screenshot and no white horizontal lines are visible on another screen, but the white horizontal line looks very bad in blue and yellow backgrounds. if you have any suggestion to prove this white horizontal line on the screen i am ready to do it. Bios version last version.

Level 12
Hi EmreKaya,
If the horizontal white lines are not visible via photo or screenshot, I'm afraid it is hard to check it on forum.
If your AMD Graphics Driver version is V27.20.14044.4001 and NVIDIA Graphic Driver V27.21.14.6235 but you still see the horizontal white lines, please backup your personal files to our local service center for further examination.
If you still have bluetooth issue but cannot share the related information on forum, please tell our technician in the repair center to check it as well.
Please visit our official website for contact info of our local service center.
Thank you.

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Fixed problem. i hope it helps. Asus smart Display hotfix 1.7.10 version fixed my screen. Thank you