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Bug in B660 bios cpu voltage offset

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Hi. I made several tickets on Asus support but there is no way to make them understand the problem.

There is a bug on b660 bios, on all b660 boards. And all 600 series. On z690 is less visible cause there is adaptive voltage, which most people use. On b660 there is only offset.

Problem is, setting a CPU voltage offset of -0.005 will cause ramdon freeze at idle. As you increase the offset, the random freeze ratio will increase.

Also setting + offset will do the same.

This is because applying any offset will cause more than -0.200mv drop at idle.

This was happening on msi boards too and was fixed with a bios update.

Thread on msi forums


Please someone from Asus explain why cpu voltage drops to 0.300 or less when using default bios settings. Lowest per spec value is 0.700 for alder lake.

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So, why you posted this on the Z690 forum? This forum is related to Z690 motherboards, not B660. This thread should go in the "Other series motherboards" subforum.

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This should go on b660 subforum. But 3 months after release there is still no subforum. Great support.

This was the nearest chipset subforum.

Hi everyone,

This is my first message in this forum as a b660m Tuf Gaming Plus D4´s owner and although this is an old threat the issue described on it keeps happening nowdays.

But, I found a temporary solution works the problem out in Reddit but energy savings are gone because of disabling C-States and RC6:

I hope Asus people work on it and new bios version resolves this bug.


Level 7
Yes, that's a workaround, but a total waste of energy.

Problem is present on all Asus b660 boards. And all Asus z690 boards too.

Use any cpu vcore monitoring software and you will see voltages way below 0.700v, (which is the lowest for gen 12) On every Asus series 600 boards.