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Intel AX Bluetooth is a disaster

Hi. Please someone at Asus report to Intel this problem.They only give the middle finger to their users, but maybe they will listen to you.Every built in AX Bluetooth or add in card has severe problem handling more than one device at the same time.A ...

trihy by Level 7
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Big PC Freezing issues with my z790 e gaming wifi

Hello,I have a Big Problem with my asus z790 e gaming wifi, is my computer specs:windows 10 64 bit homeintel i9 13900k Processorz790 e gaming wifi motherboardkingston fury beast 6000mhz 2x 16 gb ramrtx msi 4090 x gaming triodark power pro ...

yk7777 by Level 7
  • 5 replies
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ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming Wifi & Thunderboltex 4 ISSUES!!!

Hello all! The problem I am suffering is my Thunderboltex 4 REFUSES to work correctly. I have installed all the correct drivers (Version 1.41.1193.0) and the recent firmware (Version 1.1) for the Thunderboltex4 via Asus at:

iRoyeaux by Level 7
  • 26 replies
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TB not working after BOS upgrade 2204

Hi!I have a Z690 Proart Creator WiFi mb connected to a Motu 828ES and a Focusrite 8PreX via Thunderbolt used for music production.This has been working okay (in Win 10 with BIOS 1720) although quite often with some problems regarding initiation of au...

Hackej by Level 7
  • 38 replies
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Z690 Formula - Constant loss of ethernet on load.

Strange issue here that I don't even know how to troubleshoot. Whenever the ethernet gets loaded past 20 mb/s, theres a high probability that it will disconnect from the internet. I didn't think it was the motherboard at first, but now it seems like ...

axiumone by Level 7
  • 100 replies
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Crosshair X670E Hero Raid Issue

I'm currently struggling using my newly built PC.The main issue concerns the hardware raid (setup through BIOS).Here are some specs of the PC:- Crosshair X670E Hero- AMD Ryzen 9 7950X- 4 HDDs for two RAID 1- 2 M.2 SSDs (not in the raid)- 1 SSD (not i...

Otto69 by Level 7
  • 5 replies
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ROG Strix 3080 10gb OC fan issue always at 53%

Hi guys,Lots of info to be found on Google and this site regarding the 3080 series having idle fan issues. I recently bought a 3080 Strix 10GB, and the fans are always at 53%. I updated it to the lastest resize bar V5 vbios - and the issue persists....

cirial by Level 7
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