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Zenbook flip S 13 terrible battery life issues?

Hi all, I am wondering if you have had issues with the Zenbook Flip S 13 in terms of its battery life (my model is UX371EA). So far with a fresh Windows 11 install (straight from factory) and nothing except Chrome running, I can only get 2-3 hours of...

TB not working after BOS upgrade 2204

Hi!I have a Z690 Proart Creator WiFi mb connected to a Motu 828ES and a Focusrite 8PreX via Thunderbolt used for music production.This has been working okay (in Win 10 with BIOS 1720) although quite often with some problems regarding initiation of au...

Hackej by Level 7
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B660-I: Performance drop with voltage offset/undervolting

Hi,This issue has been initially described in another thread but I decided to start a separate one.I noticed on my B660-I Gaming, that any negative voltage offset causes noticeable negative performance impact.As the example - results of Cinebench R23...

Shosiu by Level 8
  • 85 replies
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Z690 Formula - Constant loss of ethernet on load.

Strange issue here that I don't even know how to troubleshoot. Whenever the ethernet gets loaded past 20 mb/s, theres a high probability that it will disconnect from the internet. I didn't think it was the motherboard at first, but now it seems like ...

axiumone by Level 8
  • 103 replies
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Crosshair hero viii wifi startup issue

So, it seems that after a shutdown or sleep my mb can't startup. I have to turn off the PSU until all mb leds are off and then turn it back on to get a post.When this issue happens, the start button led doesn't turn off after shutdown, even in stealt...

sponsorship request

 I am writing to you today to introduce my YouTube channel with over 700,000 subscribers. I am a passionate content creator and appreciate the opportunity to work with partners who share this passion.I am currently planning a test video for my audien...

What is AsusFCNotification.exe, What does it do?

hi there, trying to tidy up my startup programs today and I noticed this...AsusFCNotification.exeI've looked around on google and I can't find anything about this exe.what is it?what does it do?can I disable it from start?can I uninstall it?just inte...

PSYKOnz by Level 7
  • 19 replies
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Z790 Apex broken?

So I just received my z790 apex and changed it for my MSI z790i Edge.After 2 hours of hard work I press the boot button and my PSU clicks endlessly and the pc obviously doesn’t boot. Debug LED showing 00.So without the gpu connected it goes to POST (...

yaa11 by Level 7
  • 12 replies
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