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[B450-F] Mouse stutter and delay after installing realtek audio drivers

Level 7
So, I bought a mic for my pc. Without the realtek drivers, it's not that loud. After installing the realtek drivers, it sounds nice and loud.
However, after installing the driver, I noticed that my mouse feels stuttery and delayed. I can notice this when moving around windows on my desktop or in game.
Uninstalling the realtek audio driver fixes this issue.
I tried manually installing the mic drivers only, in device manager, but unfortunately it also installs the audio drivers for speakers. Also the mouse stuttering is back. And clicking on "rollback" in device manager fixes this issue after a reboot.

The realtek audio drivers I used are on the Asus website, for B450-F.

Level 7
I fixed it by installing "pal1000/Realtek-UAD-generic" from GitHub. None of that "AVolute" or "Nahimic" nonsense.