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ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-E Gaming, BIOS V1505 or stock BIOS, not work either way.

Level 7
:)Hi all. I am new to any forum. I replied to another post already with someone having the same issues. Thought I might try here. my name is SALTIAC1. My 1st build was a ASUS TUFF Z270 with a i7-7700, zero issues with it. 2nd was a Gigabyte Aorus Z390, with a i9-9900K, Too many issues with it. So I came back to ASUS. My apologies if I not exactly certain how this Forum works. So below is my issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I just bought a new ROG STRIX Z690-E GAMING WIFI, on June, 19, 2022, assembled it on June 27, after I received a new CPU Intel LGA1700 Retention Kit for a EVGA CLC 280mm Liquid Cooler. BTW Temps are fine. Initially I had stock UEFI BIOS VER. 0604 x64, date 09/24/2021, after several days started to keep getting a code 55 Q Codes LED issue. My Memory Controller can not seem to make up its mind. Memory Freq. was 4000MHZ using stock BIOS Version, but also changed in BIOS to 3600MHZ for my DDR5, all by itself. So like I updated to BIOS V1505. I am using 4 CORSAIR Vengeance 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin PC RAM DDR5 5600 (PC5 44800), which is on the QVL. It ran for 4 -5 hours with no issues, except Armoury Crate after installing Corsair ICUE, could not find the DDR5 in auto scan. Kept getting notifications it was saying it was there, but could not find it in auto scan. I did have a AORUS GeForce RTX 2060 Xtreme 6 G installed at the time, (was a left over from a previous build). It now is Windows 11 Pro getting errors on boot, I stripped down everything, including all the apps., to just the basics, using a basic keyboard and mouse, Now when it is turned on, will sometimes boot to windows, sometimes not. If I open my EDGE browser my monitor goes on the fritz badly, lines everywhere across the screen. This has happened even during going into BIOS settings. In BIOS all the DDR5 is visible all 4 sticks are visible same exact specs. DDR5 is running at 4000MHZ. My mouse pointer will freeze on screen, nothing will install. I changed out HDMI cables, I am now using the back ports for the monitor. Uninstalled all the apps I could, took a while because monitor screen kept fritzing out, colors everywhere, horizontal lines all across screen. I initially installed Windows 10 Pro from a USB, and updated to Windows 11 Pro with NO issues, no error codes, no Windows or Q Codes. Changed out Power supply too, not help. Have same monitor issues, freezing up issues, Windows error issues, whether using the GPU or MB outputs. Also changed out those cables. Also monitor will only run in HDMI mode. Display port not work either way. With the GPU all NVIDIA driver updates were installed. At last attempt even though latest driver was already installed from NVIDIA, update claimed I was only running Windows 10, would not reinstall it. Windows has no available updates either. I am posting here using a Desktop iMAC, only way I can stay up and running online. Also went to Intel updated all drivers, and ASUS website as well, verified they are all correct. The BIOS update installed with zero issue, no power out etc. Clean install. I just took out the CPU, CPU socket no bent pins, looks exactly the same as photos I took when I started the build.

ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-E Gaming WiFi 6E LGA 1700 Intel 12th Gen. ATX Gaming Motherboard- PCIe 5.0, sealed box
Intel i9-12900K, sealed box.
4 CORSAIR Vengeance 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin PC RAM DDR5 5600 (PC5 44800), not even tried running at XMP. Sealed boxes.
EVGA CLC 280mm Liquid Cooler, not over tightened either, just turned screws equally just snug.
EVGA 850 Watt T2 Power Supply Dell - 27" LED QHD G-SYNC Monitor
Windows 10 Pro from a USB, updated to Windows 11 Pro, via MS Update, BTW will only install Windows 10 if you turn off Fast Boot in BIOS Settings, set to other OS, after install go back into BIOS reset to Boot from Windows Boot Manager.
SAMSUNG EVO PLUS NVMe M.2 SSD In first slot. No errors on SSD
AORUS GeForce RTX 2060 Xtreme 6 G (had it on to but as I said removed it also). Any ideas I would appreciate it?, thinking at the moment I have a bad Mother Board. Read online somewhere was possibly a recall on this board due to the Memory Controller?

Level 12
May I have more detail about the Windows error issues?
Do the issues also occur on bios 1505 with all default settings?
For qcode 55, please refer to the following link.
If there are line in bios, have you tested with minimal components?
a. Keep the CPU, CPU radiator fan and a single DRAM installed on the motherboard(please try DIMM_A2 slot first)
b. Remove all the USB devices and external cards from the motherboard, including the mouse, keyboard, USB flash disk, SSD, external PCI-E Cards, etc.
c. Remove all the cables connected to the Motherboard ,including LAN cables, audio cables. Only leave one monitor connected to verify the display.
d. Then try to re-boot the computer and enter bios to see if lines are still there.
Thank you.